A sense of security and safety affects the quality of life in Toronto.

Why it matters:

For the seventh straight year, the Toronto Region had the lowest rate of police-reported crime among Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas:

    - The crime rate in the Region dropped by 7% in 2013, to 2,941per 100,000 population, the lowest rate of any of the 33

       metropolitan areas.

    - 80% of Torontonians feel at least somewhat safe walking in their communities at night.

2013 saw the highest number of youth killed by guns in a single year in more than 2 decades:

    - 7 teens aged 16 and under were killed – some in broad daylight, some in front of dozens of witnesses.


- Toronto's Vital Signs® Report 2014

Amadeusz - The Look At My Life Project
Amadeusz is committed to assisting young people who are incarcerated. Through education, it is our aim to promote and support positive change in the lives and communities of these young people.
Strong Women Overcoming Violence
The Barbra Schlifer Clinic offers legal representation, professional counselling and multilingual interpretation to women who have experienced violence.
Encouraging words from kids to other kids at the Boost CYAC
At Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre® we are committed to eliminating abuse and violence toward children and youth between 3 to 17 years of age, and supporting families through difficult times. Boost is a community-based, registered charity that provides the very best prevention programs,...
Our mission is to ensure that Chinese Seniors & where appropriate, others in need of services, in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding areas live a Quality & Enriched Life in the community.
Cycle Toronto (formerly the Toronto Cyclists Union) is a diverse member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all.
Our mission is to support women who are, have been, or are at risk of being in conflict with the law.
FST strengthens individuals, families and communities through counselling, education, social action, advocacy and community development and works with partners to build a vibrant community social services sector.
To participate in a community that builds strength, courage and hope in those touched by child abuse, and by so doing, to dare to imagine a world without child abuse. Vision: A future where those impacted by childhood sexual abuse can heal and reclaim their voices. Mission: To provide supports,...
Interval House provides a continuum of services that enable abused women and children to have access to safe shelter and responsive services that help them establish lives free from violence. The continuum includes integrated and specialized services related to counselling, advocacy, outreach,...
Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre is a community based organization driven by passion, innovation and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement and collaboration.