Getting Around

Good transportation systems are important for our society, the economy and the environment.

Why it matters:

At an average 66 minutes round-trip in 2011, commutes in the Region are longer than anywhere in North America except New York:

    - The Region again ranked 15th (out of 22 global metros) in 2014 for commuting time, one of our “most talked about


Among transit systems of comparable size in North America, Toronto’s remains the least subsidized. Just 78 cents per fare is paid by the City (vs. Vancouver’s $1.62).

During rush hour on College Street, there are as many cyclists travelling the bike lanes as there are cars on the road.

Toronto is the third-most walkable of Canada’s 10 largest cities:

    - With a score of 71.4 out of 100, Toronto finished behind Vancouver (78) and Victoria (77.7). These cities are considered

      “very walkable.”


- Toronto's Vital Signs® Report 2014

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