Greening Toronto now ensures a healthy Toronto for our children’s future.

Why it matters:

The number of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings has increased by about 60 each year

There were 59 in 2011, 123 in 2012, and 186 in 2013. 2013 saw the city hit with more extreme weather:

    - There were 7 heat alerts, 6 extreme heat alerts, and 36 extreme cold weather alerts in 2013 in Toronto.

How valuable are Toronto’s parks and trees? With 1,600 parks, Toronto has more green than many large North American cities:

    - Toronto has 31square metres of parkland per resident, compared to Montreal at 23, Vancouver at 22, Ne w York at 15, and

      Chicago at 12.

    - The urban forest provides Toronto residents with over $80 million worth of environmental benefits and cost savings per year


- Toronto's Vital Signs® Report 2014

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