White Ribbon Canada

White Ribbon is the world's largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We work to examine the root causes of gender-based violence and create a cultural shift that helps bring us to a future without violence.

Our vision is for a masculinity that embodies the best qualities of being human. We believe that men are part of the solution and part of a future that is safe and equitable for all people.

Through education, awareness-raising, outreach, technical assistance, capacity building, partnerships and creative campaigns, White Ribbon is helping to create tools, strategies and models that challenge negative, outdated concepts of manhood and inspire men to understand and embrace the incredible potential they have to be a part of positive change.

Our Story What We Do

History of Organization

Starting in 1991, we asked men to wear white ribbons as a pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls. Since then White Ribbon has become the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promoting gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

White Ribbon positively engages men, young men and boys through relevant educational programming that challenges language and behaviours, as well as harmful ideas of manhood that lead to violence against women.

White Ribbon Programming includes:

Workshops, Talks and Presentations

  • Engaging workshops. presentations and talks for middle, high school and post-secondary students as wellas people from all walks of life.
  • Trainings and presentations for educators and teacher candidates around promoting gender equality in classrooms and schools.
  • Sessions explore realities for women and girls as well as pressures on men and boys and ways they can become allies for change that affects everyone.
  • Sessions & topics include “Who’s The Man?’, “Blueprints for Change’, “Behind The Masc” and “How Homophobia Impacts Heterosexual Males”

Accolades and Accomplishments

White Ribbon Canada (WRC) has been working for over 20 years, and are now considered the world's largest effort of men working with men, and a globally-recognized expert on gender-based violence, masculinity and patriarchy.  

WRC is a member of the UN Secretary General's Male Leaders Network and UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group. We are also a member organization of the Steering Committees of MenEngage Global and North American MenEnage networks.

We received the 2011 Muriel McQueen award for Outstanding Achievements in Advancing the Elimination of Violence Against Women and a Certificate of Appreciation from the TDSB for contributing to the success and well being of students through supportive, encouraging, and inclusive educational experiences.

Annually, WRC distributes over 100,000 ribbons across Canada and the US and we reach 6000 youth through our seminars and workshops.

Due in part to our grass-roots philosophy, our educational materials and campaign initiatives have been adapted in over 60 countries across the globe.

Our Programs How We Do It

White Ribbon Programming includes:

Workshops & Seminars

  • Engaging workshops, presentations and talks for middle, high school and post-secondary students as well as people from all walks of life.
  • Trainings and presentations for educators and teacher candidates around promoting gender equality in classrooms and schools.

It Starts With You, It Stays With Him

  • Encouraging and inspiring fathers, father figures, educators, community leaders, coaches and family members to embrace being positive, strong role models for the young men and boys around them by valuing women as equal and teaching how to have healthy, equal relationships.
  • Tips, Tools, e-Modules and Videos to view and share.


  • Annual Conferences in partnership with Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario bringing boys together to discuss gender equality, respect and healthy relationships and steps they can take to make a difference. Uses interactive workshops, drama, art, video, peer educators and other engaging facilitation styles, guest speakers
  • ‘What Makes A Man’ Conference is a discussion-focused day, where speakers give a short 5-10 minute talks designed to spark dialogue of reflection and reactions with the audience. Everyday examples and stories are shared to help us explore how gender & gender roles affect aspects of all our life and experiences.

Education Materials

  • White Ribbon’s Educational Materials are used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in 3000 schools across North America. Teachers and students have used our resources with enormous success, combining in-class lessons with school-wide projects to raise awareness and promote ideals about gender equality and healthy relationships. 

Last but not least

  • Capacity building for educators and community workers to carry out White Ribbon activities.
  • Technical consultation for NGOs, governments, and United Nations

It Starts With You Mentorship Initiative

It starts with you. It stays with him. is an online-based, social media campaign developed by White Ribbonand Le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions to inspire men to become mentors promoting healthy, equal relationships with the boys in their lives. Helping young people achieve consent, set boundaries, value people of all genders and use respectful communication in all their relationships is something we can all do.

Funding and Program Partners

It Starts With You receives funding from the Ontario Government and works in partnership with Campaign and Le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions (COPA).

Program Impact

To date, 17,696 visits to the campaign site and 9,058 views of It Starts With You digital stories and PSAs on Youtube, and 15,753 views of new ISWY blog articles have been recorded for a total of 42,507 people who accessed the various campaign tools online.  1,315 educators trained online through It Starts With You e-learning modules, reaching an estimated 46,536 students throughout Ontario.  

Toronto's Vital Signs® indicator(s) addressed by Program

"One-quarter of Toronto's youth lack a sense of belonging to their local community, a feeling that increases significantly as they reach young adulthood."

It Starts With You offers tools in the form of e-learning modules, for community leaders (coaches, fathers, educators etc.) to mentor young men in many ways that provide an opportunity to share the skills and tools for boys to become men who are able to develop healthy relationships free from violence and inequality.

Participant Vignette

Quotes from Youth participants:

"The White Ribbon Campaign brings to awareness a topic that most people tend to ignore. Violence against women still exists in our world today but so many people ignore it. The campaign brings that topic to awareness to the people of our society, because of this campaign more and more people both male and female are realizing that violence against women cannot be allowed. This campaign does an amazing thing by raising awareness around the globe and promoting the safety and wellbeing of women around the world."

“This campaign raises an extremely important issue in our society. As it is, women are disproportionately   impacted by violence and carry an extra burden of having to look after most family responsibilities. Someone can only take so much stress; women really don’t need to add violence towards themselves onto their plate. We need to end violence towards women now, and the best way is to raise awareness to it.”

Quotes from adults:

“I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere thanks on the video you made and the work you are involved in. Prior to returning to Canada I did work regarding sexual and gender based violence with Médecins Sans Frontières, I shared the link to your video and the website with my previous colleagues whom are still overseas. They were blown away, they had no idea such kind and good men existed and moreover that men would care about such issues.”

“Our stories are flourishing with a great deal of pride, insightfulness and intrigue, and I feel thrilled to share them with my Boys to Men Group tomorrow at lunch time, and I anticipate a refreshing discussion and many learning moments.”

“Awesome! I'm proud to be a mother of a boy, and (hopefully) helping him be the best, 'real' man he can - fully feeling life and love; respecting women, and to be a great father! One boy at a time....”

What You Can Do

It Starts With You Mentorship Initiative

Activities a donation will support

Financial support will enable us to expand our e-learning modules, which provide tools and resources for men who want to be agents of change in their communities, and help us get this valuable resource into the hands of those that need it.

Donation impact

With financial support, White Ribbon's It Starts With You initiative will be able to research methods of reaching fathers and male caregivers, a diverse group of individuals from all communities, ethnicities and neighbourhoods who want to promote gender equity and healthy relationships with the young boys in their lives, which will improve their health, well-being and sense of belonging in their communities.


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Finance & Governance

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