Toronto City Mission

Established in 1879, Toronto City Mission is Toronto’s oldest and longest running outreach to people impacted by poverty. Toronto City Mission is a non-profit organization that, through God’s transformational power, builds loving relationships to bring hope to children and families impacted by poverty in five high priority communities in Toronto. One in four children in Toronto are living in poverty; we desire that each child and their families will find hope through Jesus Christ. We believe in training, teaching and mentoring whole families to become leaders in their own communities.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Vision: Families, impacted by poverty, will lead transformed lives.

Mission: Through God’s transformational power, we build loving relationships to bring hope to children and families impacted by poverty.

Our Story What We Do

History of Organization

Toronto City Mission (TCM) was established on November 14, 1879 to reach people in neglected and needy parts of the city. Every Christmas since the 1890’s, Toronto City Mission has provided assistance to poor families. In 1891, TCM also established an Outing Fund to give shut-ins and children a day in the country. These initiatives signaled a shift in emphasis from assisting the poor in institutions to working with inner-city families. Toronto City Mission was incorporated on December 3, 1910. In 1930 a property located at 608 Spadina was purchased to house the TCM office and provide a home for the Superintendent. For some years, the TCM operated a food bank at these premises.

Beginning in 1999, Toronto City Mission sharpened its focus and changed is strategy to concentrate on children and families in needy communities in Toronto. Part of the strategic change was the decision to work in a number of specific communities and to go to the families rather than asking the families to come to TCM.  

We currently run preventative and transformational programs in Jane-Finch, Kingston-Galloway, Flemingdon Park-Victoria Village,  St. James Town,  and Willowtree.


We seek to transform lives by building RELATIONSHIPS, building LEADERS and running PREVENTATIVE and TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAMS.  

  1. Transforming lives by building RELATIONSHIPS.  Our desire is that every child, youth and adult in our programs will come into a saving RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. We also believe in:
  • Presence: TCM Community Workers seek to build RELATIONSHIPS with community members and be a positive presence the in the community.
  • Partnerships: Toronto City Mission relies heavily on the RELATIONSHIPS with our partners in order to multiply the effectiveness and breadth of our impact on communities.
  1. Transforming lives by building LEADERS.  Toronto City Mission is dedicated to building LEADERS in our city.
  • Volunteers and Interns: Every staff member invests in our volunteers and interns and in return these LEADERS give back to their city and are role models to the community members we serve.
  • Community Leaders: We intentionally mentor and equip children, youth, and adults to become LEADERS in their own communities.
  1. Transforming lives by running PREVENTATIVE and TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAMS. We help children, youth, and adults rise above poverty by providing PREVENTATIVE PROGRAMS. Our PROGRAMS are designed to equip them to make wise choices about school, friends, relationships, work, and the future.

Our Programs How We Do It

Role Model Moms

Role Model Moms is designed to develop the academic skills and knowledge of each participant to a level commensurate with high school completion. The skills and knowledge gained through the program would transfer to the daily tasks and responsibilities of participants, equipping them in the decisions of daily life. The program is also designed to develop the confidence of each participant as well as the life skills of time management, daily disciplines, and communication through coaching and support. Increased capacity in these areas would translate into increased capabilities to negotiate the demands of raising a family.

Teens Leading Communities (TLC)

Teens Leading Communities is a successful program that gives youth impacted by poverty the opportunity to believe that they can become leaders in their communities. Teens develop strong leadership skills and learn to give back to their communities. The teens are given guidance throughout the year and then assume leadership roles in our Summer Day Camp program. For this, they receive a small honourarium and for most of the kids involved in the program this is their first introduction to the workplace. The TLC program focuses on improving the ability and talents of young people for their future in education or employment.

Education Provided in Community (EPIC)

Many of the parents living in the communities we serve experience language barriers that hinder them from helping their children with homework and understanding concepts. Others have a very basic level of education, or lack the motivation to help their children with their school work. However, addressing the academic poverty in the lives of these children is a priority if they are tobreak cycles of poverty and undergo transformation. The EPIC tutoring program links qualified volunteers with children and youth impacted by poverty. The result is enhanced learning, identification of needs and a step towards building a better future for each child and youth.

"In the Toronto Region, 16.8% of the population (15 years and over) had not completed high school in 2010, down 15.5 percentage points from 32.3% in 1990. The rate was lower than the national average (20.2%) and also below the provincial average (18.7%). The rate of high school non-completion in the Toronto Region has dropped by 92% since 1990.49"  (Toronto’s Vital Signs®, 2011)

To learn more about all our programs, please visit our website

What You Can Do

Be part of the Spark Community

Spark is a community of supporters who make regular contributions to Toronto City Mission. Through prayer, volunteering, and financial gifts, we can build a sustainable foundation to bring hope to children and families impacted by poverty.

Be a Spark - Pray, Volunteer, Give

Role Model Moms

Your donation will:
  • Equip Moms to successfully write their high school equivalency exam
  • Opportunity for Moms to attend class every morning for four months
  • Provide Moms free child care for the moms
  • Help Moms develop time management, communication and sound study skills
  • ​Instill confidence in Moms to set and achieve goals

Teens Leading Communities (TLC)

Your support will:
  • Build up teens to become leaders in their own communities and help break he cycles of poverty
  • Enable teens to build their confidence and become leaders in their communities
  • Create opportunities for teens to give back and be positive role models
  • Encouragement to pursue post secondary educationHelp teens recognize, understand, and value themselves, particularly in relation to others

Education Provided in Community (EPIC)

Your time volunteering will:
  • Give the gift of education to children and youth
  • Provide positive role-models to inspire and support participants 
  • Build foundational academic skills (numeracy and literacy) 
  • Encourage children to take academic risks and try new things 
  • Create an environment to develop a positive attitude towards learning

For more opportunities to get involved, please visit our website:


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