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TNO is committed to building a safe and healthy community through supporting and strengthening the quality of individual and community life in Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park and surrounding areas.

Our Impact Why We Exist

TNO is committed to building a safe and healthy community through supporting and strengthening the quality of individual and community life in Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park and surrounding areas.

Our Story What We Do


Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office is a multicultural, multi-service agency providing a wide range of community services since 1985.  We have more than 130 staff at service locations on Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park and at 3 satellite locations in Toronto.  All of our services are free and available in more than 40 languages.

We are a model for neighbourhood programming and community development in Ontario.  In 2011, we were awarded the United Way Spirit Award for excellence in community giving.  We offer:

  • settlement services to about 18,000 newcomers per year
  • one of the largest English language instruction programs in Ontario
  • workshops to help orient newcomers such as computer training, interview skills and networking strategies
  • mentoring and internship programs
  • programs for 4,500 children and youth per year

We are a non-profit organization funded through generous donations, government grants, foundation support and corporate partnerships.

Our Programs How We Do It

Settlement Services: assessment and holistic case management, information and orientation, referrals to the resources, cultural awareness activities, anti-racism initiatives, and community level engagement initiatives, volunteer recruitment and support, newcomer and host matching, reception, interpretation, translation, provision of child-minding and transportation services to facilitate program access.

Language Instruction for Newcomer Canadians (LINC): language training program to support clients in integration into Canadian society.

Employment Services: offers job search support, case management, job matching and regular job search focussed workshops. The following programs are offered under employment services - Employment Skills Training, Youth Job Link, Youth Job Connection, Canda Ontario Job Grant program and Employment Ontario program.

Ontario Early Years Centre Programs (OEYC): TNO is the designated “OEYC” for the Don Valley West riding and operates the main centre in Thorncliffe plus 4 satellite centres in the riding. OEYC provides free early learning opportunities and programs for children ages 0 to 6 and their families.

Middle Years Children Services: 7-12 years age group – Homework club, March Break and summer camps, social and recreational activities.

Special Needs Services for Children: Early intervention support includes intake, informational screenings & measurements to determine child’s developmental needs, a family service plan, and parental behaviour techniques plan to support the child.

Youth Services (13-29 years): Programming includes gender specific programs, recreational, educational, social and explorative programs.

Mental Health Services: Services include supportive counseling as well as information and referral to appropriate services.

Senior services: engage in leadership, educational, recreational and social activities that reduce social isolation and develop & upgrade their skills so that they remain independent.

Violence Against Women services: Family violence counsellors and transitional housing support workers work to meet short and long term support needs for eligible women and their dependents. A women’s support group is also available as part of this program.

Live-in Caregivers: the program, both in person and online, supports live-in caregivers as they transition to permanent resident status by supporting, settlement, immigration, employment and family reunification issues.

Housing support services: provides a wide range of housing support services aimed at individuals and families who are homeless, and/or are at risk of losing their housing by supporting them to maintain their housing or find new housing, stabilize their housing and understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants. The Housing Help Centre also serves as an access centre for Housing Connections assisting households with their subsidized housing applications; and as an access centre for the Toronto Rent Bank assisting households to access a variety of Rent Bank programs.

Community Development: offers  services to create economic opportunities and help individuals build skills to optimize opportunities: to advocate for increased resources and improvement of existing resources to reduce poverty and develop a new Centre of Excellence in Poverty Reduction that integrates training, mentoring, access to resources and micro loans to help emerging female entrepreneurs build their entrepreneurial skills and grow their businesses.


What You Can Do

Live-in Caregivers in Transition

Activities a donation will support

A grant to TNO would help us create a Best Practices Manual for Live-in Caregivers in Transition that can then be used by other service providers working with live-in caregivers. By formalising the best practices we have created through the collaborative development and delivering the program over the last four years, our goal is to share these practices with other service providers in other communities. An evaluation of the program has been conducted by the Program Impact Committee that works with various programs to develop new approaches to program evaluation. At the core of this approach is to include clients in the design and implementation of programs. The committee, with community membership and Board of Directors, meets quarterly to share lessons they are learning and to work on common problems clients face.

We are also seeking funding to conduct an environmental scan of existing programming for the live-in caregiver community, to conduct focus groups to gain participant insight in program needs and program gaps and to create a Best Practices Manual and resource guide for live-in caregivers in transition that will be used by other service providers. We will post this manual on and our own website and ensure that the material is shared broadly through the community by leveraging our extensive network.

Donation impact

TNO will produce a Best Practices Manual for live-in caregivers in transition that can be used by other service providers who work with this client population, which will reduce the amount of duplication and investment of staff and resources and ultimately increase the number of caregivers that service providers can reach


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Executive Director
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