Who is Springboard? People helping people develop the skills they need to connect to their communities, discover new opportunities, overcome barriers, get inspired and achieve their full potential.

Our ImpactOur Impact Why We Exist

Every person who goes through a Springboard program successfully and sees their life improve is a shining example of the impact we have on the community. Our programs and services play a vital role in realizing the potential in everyone.

Our Mission: 

Springboard is committed to building stronger communities by helping youth and adults develop the skills they need to reach their full potential. As a charitable organization, we provide innovative, professional and diverse programming by establishing partnerships between our clients and the community.

Our ApproachOur Story What We Do


People are at the centre of everything we do, how we do it, and why we do it. 

That’s why for 40 years and counting we continue to approach every client with attention to our core values of accountability, community engagement, diversity, innovation and professionalism.

Clients who benefit from Springboard’s multifaceted expertise can expect us to understand how developmental disabilities or a lack of employment can factor into issues of involvement. The client’s needs are the focus of everything we do because we cross social service boundaries. In other words, we fit the programs to the client’s needs rather than forcing them to fit into a rigid program structure.

Best of all, with our focus on skill building, clients can expect to improve their lives and the lives of their family and community upon completion of a Springboard program.


Last year together we:

  • helped match 2,600 people to meaningful work
  • directly impacted 14,000 individuals
  • worked one-on-one with 3,600 job seekers
  • contributed back to the community $1 million in restitution and volunteer work
  • delivered 25,000 hours of direct skill building programming

Our ProgramsOur Programs How We Do It


A stronger community starts with engaged people at its core. That’s the guiding philosophy behind the programs and services offered by Springboard — and the dedicated and caring professionals who run them. Springboard is here to help young people and adults develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.


Springboard focuses on specific program and service areas that offer inspiration to people who need it most.

  • Employment Services - Skill building and placement programs to overcome employment barriers, so people can find and keep work they enjoy.
  • Youth Justice - A number of effective programs for youth aged 12-17 who are involved or at risk of being involved in the justice system.
  • Developmental Services - Skill building, community participation and residential programming that help people with developmental disabilities live independently.


Employment Services

Unemployment rates in Ontario remain higher than the national average, with the gap between adult and youth unemployment rates increasing. The consequences of unemployment are far-reaching and affect individuals, families, our communities and economy. 

Within this context, the need to support individuals in finding meaningful employment is extremely important. At Springboard, youth and adults receive specialized support, structure and guidance to achieve their employment goals.

"I really enjoyed the fair. I learned a lot about how to search for the right job for my abilities and interests. The Springboard HUB session was really informative, and I am now more confident with my resume and interview skills." - Jennelle

"You don't know me, but I am one of the thousands of people who are currently unemployed. My career was in the corporate world - Human Resources. In these uncertain times and with the inordinate amount of information out there - that can be confusing and daunting for someone in my position - Leslie was a ray of light. She took the time to listen, was supportive, and answered my questions - she was extremely helpful. I left the conversation feeling positive and knowing what direction I am going to take for myself." -  Employment Services client

Toronto Vital Signs report:

  • in 2009, the provincial youth unemployment rate (15-24-years-olds) skyrocketed from 11.1% in 2008 to over 18%
  • for recent immigrants the unemployment rate was 14.6% in 2012, compared to only 7.4% for those in Canada 10 years or more

Youth Justice

Many youth who come into conflict with the law face multiple challenges that put them at risk for criminal behaviour, including but not limited to emotional and behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, parental abuse and neglect, and poverty. On the other hand, some offences may be committed by youth mainly due to lack of maturity.

Springboard delivers a number of youth justice programs in the community that, in keeping with the principles of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), hold youth accountable for their behaviour through measures that are proportionate to the seriousness of the alleged offence.

Springboard programs provide youth with opportunities to address the issues underlying their offending behaviour and to learn skills that will help them make better choices.

"It was great to be opened up to so many options and services and to see such a well-executed program such as the Youth Court Action Planning Program. My daughter’s needs were met promptly and accurately and for this I am eternally grateful. Too many times people get lost, but in every step of the way I felt like we were in it together. Thank you being there for us!”  - Youth Court Action Planning Program client’s mother

 "This program made me feel proud of myself and I hope my family members are proud too. My little brother, he looks up to me now ... I am his role model and I love it." Michael

Toronto Vital Signs report:

  • almost half of young Torontonians believe that the justice system isn't likely to treat them fairly
  • most of th ehomicide victtims in Toronto are young (one-third were younger than 25 in 2012) and male (43 of the 54 victumes in 2012)

Developmental Services

An estimated 66,500 adults are living with a developmental disability in Ontario.  A developmental disability affects a person’sability to learn and/or their capacity to gain personal independence. Clients of Springboard's residential and day programs ‎are supported as they increase their skills in such areas as self-care, meal planning and cooking, accessing the community safely, pre-employment, among others, in order to make key life transitions. 

“Since Samantha has started at Springboard she has opened up and become more expressive at home. Springboard staff created a communication book for Samantha which she has been using at home. Samantha has become more independent at home, assisting around the house with chores. She looks forward to coming every day to Springboard. I’m glad that she has this program to go to.”  - Participant’s Mother

"As a parent of a disabled child, you just hope that once he's graduated form high school, he still has a sence of purpose. At Springboard he is invovled and contributing. He is happy and the people around him see him as a functioning member of society." - Wendy

Toronto Vital Signs report:

Program Partners:

Toronto Community Foundation, TD Bank, Telus, RBC Foundation, The Bedolfe Foundation,The Great Golf Homes Foundation, CHUM Charitable Foundation, Tridel, Tribute Communities, Daniels Corporation, BOLT Foundation, Altech Securities, Estate of Alex M Cameron, Heenan Blaikie LLP

Get InvolvedWhat You Can Do

Community Learning HUB partnership opportunities:  In 2008, Springboard launched its innovative Community Learning HUB technology, an interactive pro-social behaviour suite of therapeutic learning software to help high-needs individuals learn in a safe, yet stimulating environment. It provides modules such as anger management, gang prevention, substance abuse and more. The programming supports people with difficulty succeeding in traditional learning environments.

Springboard will use its Vital Ideas grant to update and revise the Community Learning HUB technology, incorporate an evaluation element and migrate the content to an online server to provide greater accessibility. This investment will enable Operation Springboard to increase usability of HUB programming to community organizations across Toronto and beyond as it moves to a web-based learning solution. Engaging frontline workers to deliver programming that better reflects the current and emerging needs of the communities they serve will ultimately better empower many of our city’s at-risk youth and adults to reach their full potential.    

We are always looking for more support as we expand and grow the HUB

Thanks to your support of our partners we achieved the following successes last year:

  • 6,200 at-risk youth between the ages of 16-24 received skill building programming.
  • Youth were empowered  to be more engaged, independent, hopeful, resilient and successful young people.
  • Youth participated in 7 digitally interactive programs in the areas of Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Employment, Financial Literacy, as well as a specialized program for girls, Aboriginal youth and youth with developmental disabilities.
  • 16 new communities are actively delivering the HUB programs in the GTA, and across Ontario in Fonthill, Hamilton, Simcoe, Kingston, Peterborough, Trenton, Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay.
  • Over 300 trained facilitators in 43 organizations are actively delivering the HUB programs to vulnerable youth in 37 communities.
  • The HUB is currently being further developed to be delivered through the web and be compatible with tablets and other mobile devices.

Evaluation results and feedback confirms the powerful impact of the HUB that include (but are not limited to):

  • Youth program completion rates have soared as high as 95%.
  • Youth retain 90% of tools and knowledge taught.
  • Youth workers provide average rankings of 95% that the HUB works in engaging youth and that it has enhanced their programming and counselling practice.


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