Right To Play's Youth To Youth program

Youth To Youth (Y2Y) provides a platform for youth leadership to children and youth within Toronto's Neighbouhood Improvement Areas. At schools, community centres, and youth facilities all across the city, Y2Y empowers youth to take the lead by harnessing the power of play to improve educational, health and employment outcomes for themselves and other youth in their community.

Our Impact Why We Exist


While Toronto is one of the most prosperous cities worldwide, its wealth is shared in an increasingly unequal way. The child poverty rate ranges from 5% in some neighbourhoods to over 50% in others, and many reports find that both the income gap and the opportunity gap are growing. The reality for many children and youth growing up in low-income areas of Toronto is that access to extended learning programs, recreation opportunities or extra-curricular activities are out of reach because of their high cost. 

The Three Cities Within Toronto: Income Polarization among Toronto's Neighbourhoods report (2007) stresses the need to reintegrate Toronto's widening income and opportunity gap by increasing access to extended learning programs for youth, where they can build the skills necessary for success. The Toronto District School Board Parent Census of 2012 also noted that more accessible recreation opportunities were imperative as children from low-income families are half as likely to be involved in regular extracurricular activities (arts, sports/recreation, and other) than students from more affluent backgrounds.

Youth To Youth aims to close this widening opportunity gap by taking an asset-based approach to development and investing in local youth. Youth To Youth works with schools and communities to provide programs for youth that harness their leadership potential, build their capacity and allow their voice to be heard. The result is a movement of engaged and inspired youth leaders creating positive change in their local school and community through the power of play!  ​

Our Story What We Do

Right To Play is a global organization, using the transformative power of play to educate and empower children and youth        

Through playing sports and games, we teach children essential life skills that will help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so that they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond. Founded in 2000 by four-time Olympic gold medalist and social entrepreneur Johann Olav Koss, our programs are facilitated by more than 16,400 local volunteer Coaches and more than 600 international staff.

Our Programs How We Do It


​Right To Play partners with the Toronto District School Board's Model Schools For Inner Cities to provide inner-city schools with programs that are play-based and youth-led. 

Through a combination of training workshops and capacity building opportunities, Right To Play and TDSB staff support Youth Leaders to create a healthier, happier and safer school environment. ​Youth Leaders work to plan and lead play-based activities for other children in their school and local community. 

​The games and activities can be led in the classroom, in the gym or out on the school yard, and are designed to promote the key areas of learning that have been identified by the school. The Youth To Youth program looks different at every school because Youth Leaders are able to create programs that reflect the needs of their school and community. ​

What You Can Do

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Program Officer
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Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 200,000


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