Regeneration Community Services

The Mission of Regeneration Community Services (RCS) is to promote the self-determination and enhance the quality of life of people living with complex mental health issues and/or addictions, through housing, support and advocacy.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We value and believe in:

  • The fundamental rights and dignity of the individual.
  • Creating, respecting and promoting an environment that reflects the diversity of the broader community.
  • Promoting member self-reliance and self determination.
  • Fostering a supportive community environment through continuity in housing and services in partnership with members.
  • Member empowerment and involvement in the development and operation of programs at all levels of RCS.
  • Advocating for the removal of individual and systemic barriers that impede successful and satisfactory community living for our members.

RCS refers to the people we serve as members, not clients.  We strive to include members at all levels of the organization, from including member representatives on our board to hiring members as staff.

Our Story What We Do

History and Services of Organization

Regeneration House Inc., operating as Regeneration Community Services (RCS), is a non profit registered charitable organization established in 1977 to provide affordable housing and support services for adults with serious mental health issues.

RCS provides housing for 245 tenant members recovering from mental health and addiction issues. We provide varying levels of support through our Intensive Case Management team and our Residential Support Workers to those living in our various housing sites. 

RCS also provides case management to a number of members living in Mainstay housing, and Intensive Case Management services for another 90 members who live in a variety of housing in the city of Toronto through our partnerships with CAMH and St. Joseph’s Hospital and others.

RCS provides peer support to RCS members and we are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Peer Support program with the hiring of a Peer Coordinator and three new part-time Peer Workers who offer both individual and group support in a number of our housing programs. This brings our total to 5 Peer Support staff.

Accolades and Accomplishments

At RCS we continue to expand our housing portfolio with new programs. Last year we started Step-up, a supportive housing program that offers 15 adults an independent apartment with staffing support, programming, peer support and community engagement. This program is in partnership with CAMH and eight community mental health agencies.

We have also significantly increased our stock of high support housing. A new forty unit building was opened in 2012 in partnership with CAMH to support people to live successfully in the community after having been in hospital for extended periods. 

Our partnerships with Breakaway and TCAT allow us to support up to 72 individuals living with addictions in independent apartments in our SHPPSU program - Support Housing for People with Problematic Substance Use.

As mentioned we are also very pleased to have expanded our Peer Support program and are excited about the very positive feedback from the Members regarding the work of Peer Support.

Our Programs How We Do It

Aside from the support we provide through supportive housing, case mangement and peer support, RCS is involved in a number of activities to engage our Member community in their recovery and enhance the services we provide.


One of main fundraising activities is a dinner and music event we have been holding annually at Hugh's Room with 'The Toronto All-Star Big Band' who delight guests with the swing hits from the 30's and 40's. Complemented by a silent auction and delicious food, RCS is able to raise needed funds for our Members. We also generate donations through individual and corporate support.

Our fundraising activities have allowed us to compliment our core services of housing and case management support by providing supportive employment opportunities for members who engage in our Employment program.

Rainy Day Fund

RCS is also enabled to provide bursary money for members to pursue education or artistic interests by helping out with tuition, supplies and books. We arrange fun outings in and out of the city and social recreational events. Our Rainy Day fund covers unexpected expenses for those living near the poverty line. For example, we provide help such as TTC tokens for members to travel to programs when funds are tight, needed winter or summer clothing, dentures or specialty shoes if they are not covered, or bus tickets to visit a family member out of town.

RCS Employment Program

RCS provides employment opportunities for members at most of it's supportive housing program sites. Members participate in various important work duties such as maintenance, cleaning, clerical work etc and are paid at the current minimum wage amount. As mentioned this is financed through our yearly fundraising efforts and it allows members to contribute to the important daily tasks that need to be done at RCS and be financially rewarded. RCS also hires members as receptionists at our head office.

Regenesis Newsletter

RCS publishes an agency newsletter twice yearly and the first issue was in 2000. It involves a committee of both staff and members who work together to organize, plan and produce it.  The newsletter highlights members experiences and stories as well as program and agency wide updates.  It has become a valuable resource to also promote activities and events at RCS.

One of the recent editions featured a beautifully written article by one of RCS's residential program supervisors about a member's incredible personal journey and the impact of the RCS employment program on his life.

“Steam Team” Cleaning Service

The Steam Team is a cleaning and organising service in preparation for spraying for bed bug infestations. RCS trains and supports Members who are keen to gain employment experience. The customer is often someone living with a disability and living close to the poverty line themselves. The infestation can be overwhelming and pervasive. They steam upholstery, rugs and bedding to kill eggs and educate against re infestation. This provides the best success for the eradication of pests.

Participant Vignette

Here are some RCS members thoughts on being a part of RCS and our programs:

“Working makes you feel proud of yourself”. Leanne is a woman in her forties who has not been able to work in a competitive work environment for many years but still had the desire to contribute. The flexible part time hours and the support provided allow her to work and build confidence. Leanne enjoys having something to look forward to and she enjoys having some money for extras such as movies. Having a job can help improve self esteem and fight depression. “I get up in the morning now because of the Steam Team. I used to get up in the afternoon”.

Claudius recently moved into his own independent apartment through one of our supportive housing programs and he stated that "I like everyone so much I don't know who to say hi to first.  The groups here are personable and I participate in Pathways to Recovery, meditation, and other workshops.  We all learn from each other here and I am relating to the members and feeling a safe community with us living and learning at this program".

What You Can Do


Activities a donation will support

Individual and corporate donations to RCS will allow us to continue providing important and needed services to Members such as those mentioned above (TTC tokens, Member Employment Program opportunities, outings and social recreation, educational and rainy day bursaries, needed clothing, longer distance travel bus tickets, etc).

Contributions also help fund our Peer Support Program.

Donations for our Steam Team will enable us to cover the cost of maintainance, repair and the purchasing of additional steam equipment and buying cleaning supplies.

A large donation would allow us to buy a Steam Team van!

Donation Impact to Steam Team

To date bed bugs have been a problem primarily for those in poverty or in low income housing. Grants to this program will allow a ‘win win’ situation where successful employment experience concurs with tackling a problem pervasive in ones own back yard and providing a much needed service to the community.


Ruth LeDrew
Residential Program Manager
416.703.9645 x225
Charitable Number: 119113629RR0001

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