The Pollution Probe Foundation

Pollution Probe is a national, non-profit organization that exists to improve the health and well-being of Canadians by advancing policy that achieves positive, tangible environmental change.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We are a partnership-building organization.

We engage government agencies, private businesses and other non-profit organizations that have a legitimate interest in an issue to help us find solutions.

We are a donor-based organization.

We maintain a practical, independent perspective by drawing upon the financial support of a broad spectrum of individuals.

We seek to represent the needs of the general public.

We work to make visible the needs of all, as distinct from the needs of interested parties, in finding environmental solutions. Our goal is to serve the needs of both this generation and future generations for a clean and healthy environment.

We are “results-oriented”.

We choose issues and engage in activities when we judge that we may reasonably expect tangible results that improve the environment from our participation.

We choose our scope of activity to ensure that we can achieve results.

We direct our attention to Canadian issues, and we concentrate on clean air and clean water, because we believe that this scope of activity allows us to focus our efforts where we have demonstrated competence.

We consider all facets of an issue.

We resist the temptation to oversimplify issues that are truly complex, just as we avoid clouding issues that are quite simple. We challenge our donors, our partners and the public to think through the important, sometimes difficult, environmental problems we all face.

We approach issues fair-mindedly, based upon fact.

We listen respectfully to the points of view of all stakeholders in an environmental issue, and we take our position based upon sound scientific research and our commitment to serving the general public interest.

We are non-partisan, yet engaged politically.

We are willing to work cooperatively with all levels of government and all political parties to ensure that the environmental needs of current and future generations are addressed through public debate, legislation and policy initiatives.

We seek professional competence in all aspects of our business.

Our credibility and our ability to achieve positive results rest, in part, upon our ability to do our jobs creditably and to interact with colleagues on the basis of shared professional standards of excellence.

We adopt good ideas wherever we find them.

We adopt positions, crediting our sources, based on the good of the environment, and not upon philosophical or ideological labels.

Our Story What We Do

History of Organization

Founded in 1969, Pollution Probe is an original – it was the first environmental organization in Canada. Over its history, Pollution Probe has focused on collaborative solutions that engage all necessary stakeholders, be they industry, government or the public. Pollution Probe strives for positive and practical solutions based in sound science and research. Through this unique approach, Pollution Probe has advanced Canadian environmental policy in a tangible way: introducing the Blue Box recycling program to Ontario; helping to establish federal regulations on the sulphur content of gasoline; leading the development of Ontario’s mandatory vehicle emissions testing program; and, helping to develop the federal greenhouse gas emissions regulations for light duty vehicles.

Pollution Probe has a proven track record in advancing policy in an objective manner, making it one of the most trusted and respected environmental organizations in Canada.

Accolades and Accomplishments

  • Blue Bins: Instrumental in developing and promoting recycling programs in Ontario.
  • Mandatory Vehicle Emissions Testing in Ontario: Instrumental in the passage of Ontario legislation leading to establishment of Drive Clean program.
  • Annual Clean Air Commute: Running since 1993. Also the program upon which the national commuter challenge has been based.
  • Significant voice in favour of stringent sulphur-in-fuel regulations and tax deductions for transit passes.
  • SMART Movement Programme: which helped form the basis of the Smart Commute Association
  • Public Awareness on Smog: Educated more than 12 million Canadians via media campaign about the harmful environmental and health effects of smog, and promoted practical ways to reduce it.
  • GHG Emission Standards in Light Duty Vehicles: Instrumental in the regulations, announced April 2010.
  • Pollution Probe's primer series sets out the scientific basis for concern, potential solutions and the policy tools available to address current environmental issues.  Each primer focuses on what is being done and what more can be done by governments, businesses and individuals on the issue in question.

Our Programs How We Do It

The Healthy Communities Campaign

The Healthy Communities Campaign is your opportunity to be a human and environmental health superhero for your community.

The Campaign is a national, year-round initiative supporting communities as they drive tangible, positive change at the local level. It provides you, your friends and your colleagues a fun, easy way to make a lasting contfibution to the health of your community.

The Healthy Communities Campaign helps you to create your program to meet your community's specific needs.

Join the Workplace Radon Action Challenge and Demonstrate Your Commitment to Fighting Lung Cancer

  • The Radon Action Challenge is an easy, ready to go awareness programm for workplaces big and small
  • There is no registration gee
  • Each workplace will receive a toolkit and a free radon test kit
  • Participating workplaces will benefit from their wisible commitment to a healthy work environment.

National Consultation on Nanomaterials and Their Implications for Human Health and Environment

Pollution Probe co-hosted a national consultation on the implications of nanomaterials for human health and environment. This two-days event convened academia, industry, government and civil society in a process of knowledge-sharing and needs assessment. The purpose of this session was to educate and to build capacity among pivotal groups on the subject of nanomaterials in the context of human health.

Pathways Initiative Workshop

Pollution Probe hosted the Pathways Initiative Workshop. The session engaged a range of transportation stakeholders and leading world and Canadian experts with the objective of identifying opportunities for long term and deep reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation.

What You Can Do

Join Pollution Probe's Supporters Today!

Join the Environmental Protection Team by making pre-authorized monthly contributions to provide ongoing financial support.  This helps to establish a stable and reliable source of funding that allows Pollution Probe to plan its work into the future.

Make a Single Donation to help Pollution Probe achieve positive and tangible environmental change.  Donations to our general fund are essential to the overall success of our work and allow Pollution Probe to help ensure that all projects receive necessary funding.

Donate in Someone's Name to celebrate a special occasion or to honour the memory of a special person.  This is a meaningful way to recognize or to remember those who have made a significant impact on you, your family or your colleagues.

Preserve the Future through a planned gift, leaving your own legacy to the environment by supporting an organization that you know and trust.  It may be one of the most valuable gifts that you make.

Give a Gift of Securities and pay no capital gains tax.  When individuals sell appreciated stocks, mutual funds or flow through shares, they are required to pay tax on 50 per cent of the resulting capital gains; however, if they donate the securities to a registered charity, they pay no capital gains tax.  This makes appreciated stocks one of the most cost-effective ways to donate to Pollution Probe. 

Maximize by Matching your donation to Pollution Probe by signing up for workplace giving or by taking advantage of Employee Matching Gift Programs. 


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