Parasport Ontario

ParaSport Ontario supports the development and promotion of the Paralympic and ParaSport movement in Ontario.

Our Impact Why We Exist


The Mission of ParaSport Ontario is to support the development and promotion of the Paralympic movement in Ontario and is a member of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.


Our vision is to promote parallel opportunities in sport for athletes with a physical disability. ParaSport Ontario strives to enhance and strengthen its provincial/national role and scope of influence as a leader in the community for persons with a physical disability, as well as maximizing involvement of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers in ParaSport and Paralympic Sport.

Our Story What We Do


ParaSport Ontario was established in 1981 to increase awareness and sporting opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities. Over the past 30 years, ParaSport Ontario has continued to support and promote the Paralympic movement. Through partnerships with four member Provincial Multi-Sport Organizations and eight Provincial Sport Organizations, ParaSport Ontario can reach athletes with a broad range of physical disabilities, and provide support in surrounding communities. ParaSport Ontario works with people of all ages and athletic ability to create a safe and positive environment to learn and succeed. ParaSport Ontario partners with a many ParaSport clubs and more than 1,800 athletes every year. These athletes compete in the Ontario ParaSport Games which take place in a new city every year.  Our “Ready Willing and Able” program delivers introductory sport sessions to thousands of athletes, coaches and officials throughout Ontario. Athlete and coach ambassadors share their stories and demonstrate different Paralympic sports. ParaSport Ontario also brings their adaptive equipment for participants to try. 

Our Programs How We Do It

Ready Willing and AbleReady Willing and Able (RWA) is a ParaSport Ontario initiative aimed at increasing awareness of Paralympic sports within the community at an introductory level.  Rehabilitation centres, community centres and schools, provide venues for these introductory sessions which target recreation staff, College/University students, parents of children/teenagers with a physical disability, and many other organizations and groups. Ready Willing and Able sessions bring athlete/coach ambassadors who share their stories and demonstrate different Paralympic sports. After the demonstrations, participants have the opportunity to partake in the sport in the form of skill sessions, drills, and/or scrimmages using adaptable equipment provided by ParaSport Ontario.Ontario ParaSport Games Program

Ontario ParaSport Games Program consists of Summer and Winter Multi-ParaSport Games, providing Ontario’s top athletes with elite-level competitions that are athlete-centred and offer opportunities to pursue national and international competitions. Summer and Winter Multi-Sport Games are organized in conjunction with the Sport Alliance Ontario, four Multi-Sport Organizations and six Provincial Sport Organizations, include 6 and 7 sports respectively, and occur in alternating years.

The Ontario Winter/Summer ParaSport Games are held in different communities throughout Ontario, creating awareness and interest in the communities where they take place.  While the Games help to spread knowledge of the Paralympic movement through promotion in surrounding areas, they also provide high level competition for Ontario athletes with a physical disability. Over the past three decades, Ontario ParaSport Summer Games have played an integral role in the development of Ontario’s top athletes including many Paralympians, and are considered to be Ontario’s premier Multi-Sport Games, hosting approximately 250 participants in August 2011.  Established in 2006, Ontario ParaSport Winter Games is now the largest multi-sport competition for athletes with a physical disability in Ontario. 

Adaptive Equipment Loan Progam

ParaSport Ontario has initiated an Equipment Loan Program whereby it will lend its adapted equipment, short-term to establishments such as universities, rehab facilities, treatment centres, accessible sports councils, etc. for presentations, events, etc.  The objective iof this program is to introduce parasports to as many people as possible (able-bodied and persons with a physical disability) and to also give them an opportunity to try parasports.  Through this program, people will become more active; the newly injured will become aware of what is available to them and the able-bodied will have a better understanding and acceptance of persons with a physical disability.


What You Can Do

Ready Willing and Able

Donations and grants are vital to this program and will ensure that it continues well into the future. Support will increase the reach of ParaSport Ontario and increase awareness for parasports that will result in a higher rate of participation of youth with physical disabilities being active and participating in sport at school and in their community.

Money donated will support:

  • The delivery of RWA Introductory Sport Sessions where each session will feature a demonstration of two parasports, one ParaSport Ontario Athlete Ambassador to speak about their own inspirational success as an athlete, and an opportunity to try the parasports being demonstrated at the school/camp/community centre/rehabilitation centre, business
  • Athlete Ambassador Leadership Summit that will train new Athlete Ambassadors as well as existing Ambassadors to run RWA introductory sports sessions

Ontario ParaSport Games Program

Donations and grants to this program will increase our ability to create an environment for under-funded provincial-level athletes to gain multi-sport experience as they move on to national and international events. Donations & Grants to this program will support:

  • Field trips for rehab patients to come & experience the multi-sport experience
  • Increase the number of sports that can participate in the Games
  • Provide adaptive, sport-specific equipment that can be reused for each set of Games (Alpine Gates, sports bibs, regional team jerseys, etc)

Adaptive Equipment Loan Progam

Donations to this program would assist us with transportation costs to deliver and pick up the equipment from the various locations where it is being used. Transporting the equipment is costly.  With financial support, ParaSport Ontario would be able to reach more facilities and, in doing so, would be able to reach more people to try parasports and become actively involved in parasports.


Brian McLean
Interim Executive Director

Finance & Governance

Annual Operating Budget: 
$ 367,790


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