North York Women's Resource Centre

North York Women's Centre (NYWC) is a community of diverse women providing programs, resources and support to empower women and effect positive change. We deliver this in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all women in the community of North York and surrounding areas.

Our Impact Why We Exist

NYWC exists to empower women - individually and collectively.  

We provide opportunities for women to learn, grow and move forward towards their goals.  We work to build women's skills and confidence and increase their knowledge of opportunites and resources.  

Our empowerment work extends to furthering equality by promoting systems change and advocating for, and with, women and their children.  

Our Story What We Do

It was almost 30 years ago when a needs assessment concluded that services for women in North York had not kept pace with women’s needs.  NYWC was formed to help address those needs - and that is what we have been doing ever since. 

A 20th anniversary celebration in 2009 brought together individuals involved at various stages of the organization's history to celebrate its triumphs and successes, and to honour the thousands of women whose life circumstances led them to seek out NYWC for support. The very moving event demonstrated the deep attachment people felt, and continue to feel, for the organization and the work it does.

The anniversary served as a catalyst for transforming the organization, generating fresh thinking on how to sustain and grow its community impact.  It started with a new logo and brand - though still built on the traditional image of a key and the tagline Opening Doors for Women.  Program evaluation work and a needs assessment followed, leading to the development of a new program model and impact measurement tools.  It is from this work that the Women's Empowerment Series emerged.

With renewed, evidence-informed programming and strengthened internal systems, NYWC set out to explore partnership and integration opportunities that would enable it to extend its reach and offer women a broader range of services.  The organization entered into a co-location and back office service agreement  in 2015 and is well on its way to transforming itself from a traditional service delivery agency to a key collaborative partner in the community.

Our Programs How We Do It

We deliver programs for women, by women, including:

Women's Empowerment: Our skill-based series builds strengths and personal power to promote self-confidence and success.

Violence Prevention and Support Services: We offer programs and services for women who have experienced abuse or are at risk of violence.

Wellness and Community-Building: Our programs support well-bing, promote social interaction and respond to local needs.

Leadership Development: We offer training and internship opportunities that build competencies and experience.

Collaborations and Hosted Programs: We work with others to deliver joint programs that address community needs.

NYWC has received much recognition over the years from funders, donors, community partners and various levels of government.  Its loudest accolades, however, come from the women who personally benefit from our programs.  Recently, a former program participant felt compelled to return to NYWC, over 15 years after initially seeking support to leave an abusive relationship, so that she could introduce her daughters, now on the cusp of adulthood, to the organization that she credited with being instrumental in helping turn her life around.

What You Can Do

Gifts will support the empowerment of women so that they can effect positive change in their lives

  • A $10,000 gift will deliver one session of the Women's Empowerment Series so that 12 women can build skills and strengthen their personal power, promoting self-confidence and success.
  • A $5,000 gift will provide free, on-site childminding for 15 children so that their mothers can attend the program and gain resources and support to make positive life changes.
  • A $1,000 gift will provide public transit support for 20 low-income women so that the cost of transportation isn't a barrier to their participation in the program.

With financial support, NYWC will bring women with shared experiences together and create an important sense of community and common understanding.  In so doing, we will support engagement and personal responsibility while providing opportunities to build skills, gain information, develop strategies, and share successes and challenges.


Iris Fabbro
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 140263013RR0001

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