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Mural Routes is the only member-based not-for-profit arts service organization in Canada dedicated to the creation, development, education, and promotion of public wall art. Our vision is to inspire the creation of extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community building. In 2016 we launched the Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI), a continuum of training programs in all aspects of mural making.

Creekside - Mural Routes; community & youth mural project- 2014Our Impact Why We Exist

Our vision is to inspire the creation of extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community building.

Our key goals include:

  • To work in partnership with artists and communities to produce excellent public wall art;
  • To teach, learn and share valuable insights in mural art;
  • To educate, engage, and enhance communities through public wall art;
  • To elevate the quality and status of mural art;
  • To secure a place for murals within the larger context of the arts in Canada.

Mural Art Career Development - Mural TourOur Story What We Do

Mural Routes began in 1990 as a public art project of Scarborough Arts, with the purpose of celebrating the unique features, events, and heritage of Scarborough. Mural Routes was incorporated as a separate organization in 1994. Since then, the organization has assisted many communities and artists in creating outdoor murals.

Today, we work to create, promote, educate, advise, and link artists, organizations, and others who are interested in the development of public wall art. Mural Routes has become the primary advisor for communities engaged in producing public wall art in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Since 2001, youth initiatives and mural art education have been high priorities for Mural Routes. In 2016 we launched our Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI), a continuum of training programs for mural artists and administrators.

According to Toronto's Vital Signs® Report 2015 - Arts and Culture, “69% of Torontonians appreciate the contribution that local artists make to the city and 43% reported they would like to get more involved in the arts in Toronto.” Furthermore, “Torontonians see the arts as having a positive influence in the neighbourhoods they live in, their individual lives, and the city they call home.”

Mural Routes is proud to support Toronto’s thriving arts scene by developing local artists and engaging Torontonians with the enhancement of the city through mural arts.

CN Rainbow Tunnel RevitalizationOur Programs How We Do It

We offer a wide range of programs and services in support of our vision. Our activities include:

Community Murals: Since 1990 Mural Routes has worked with communities and artists to create over 50 murals across Toronto.

Public Art Management: We provide expertise in the development and installation of public wall art projects.

Commissions: We send job opportunities and public art calls to member artists, connecting them with local and international commissions and competitions.

Education/Mentorship: Since our founding we have trained over 250 mural artists and run 17 National Mural Sympsiums. In 2016 we brought our education programs together into our Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI).

Consulting: Mural Routes offers consultations, presentations, and guidance to help get public art projects off the ground.

Networking: Through our online presence, membership, and MURALI programs, Mural Routes provides a hub where artists and communities can connect and share.

Resources: Our website provides information and links for artists and administrators interested in mural creation/production, including our own Mural Production: A Resource Handbook.

Leadership Training in Mural Making 2015What You Can Do

We work hard to support mural art in the GTA and beyond through accessible programs and services. There are a number of ways for you to get involved and support our vision:

​Donate: In order to maintian our operations as well as to dream and grow, Mural Routes depends on the support of individuals, groups, and corporations who share our goals of improving communties through public art.​ Email or visit our website to donate. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation, as well as our sincere appreciation​!

Become a Member: ​Support our work by becoming a member, and receive member benefits including: a listing on our website, calls for artists, networking opportunities, discounts on our programs and services, and more.

Take Part: ​We can only achieve our goals if artists, producers, and interested community members take part in our programs, learn from each other, and go on to create art in their communities! Visit our blog or follow us on social media for the most up-to-date information on our programs and projects.


Karin Eaton
Executive and Artistic Director
Charitable Number: 893873265RR0001


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