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L2L: Helping Students Succeed in School and Beyond

Our Impact Why We Exist

Licensed to Learn (L2L) is a Greater Toronto Area-based charitable organization dedicated to boosting student success through personalized peer tutoring.

Toronto Community Foundation's Vital Signs reports that 10.7% of the GTA is living in poverty, with more than 1 million Torontonians residing in low-income neighborhoods. Growing disparities in our city adversely affect children and youth, and their opportunities to succeed in school and beyond. Students from lower-income families face more barriers to academic success, and are at a greater risk for disengagement and failure in school.

This year, L2L has offered programming in 90 schools across Toronto through partnerships with the Toronto District and Toronto Catholic District School Boards as well as other boards in GTA. The impact is inspiring:

  • Over 1,800 students received training and ongoing support as Tutors through L2L. These students increased their capacity and confidence to act as leaders in their school communities and beyond by serving as role models and mentors to their fellow students within a supportive school environment.
  • Over 1,800 students received one-on-one tutoring from a Peer Tutor on an ongoing basis for at least 15 sessions, and was actively supported towards academic success. These students developed the strategies, confidence, and drive to maintain this achievement through active peer encouragement.
  • A culture of peer-support and student success continues to be fostered in these 90 schools and their surrounding communities, through ongoing engagement with L2L.

Moving ahead, L2L is expanding its impact by growing into additional communities. This growth is facilitated by established partnerships with new boards in the GTA, and through the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario. We are pleased to be working in 90 schools this year to serve over 3,700 students.

Our Story What We Do

Licensed to Learn (L2L) is an established peer tutoring program that provides thousands of students in the Greater Toronto Area with academic assistance and leadership training. Our unique model responds to these critical issues by utilizing the best resource that all schools have – the students. Using a curriculum emphasizing youth leadership and personalized support, we train elementary and secondary students as Tutors to provide one-on-one academic help and mentorship to their Peers. By pairing an older, high-achieving student with a student who is struggling academically, L2L Tutors act as mentors and role models for their peers while they also assist them with school work. This process fosters leadership skills among Tutors, builds self-esteem among their Peers, and nurtures positive relationships that characterize inclusive and safe learning communities in schools.

At each school, students volunteer as Tutors, and undergo tutor training, which hinges on the idea that every student learns differently. Tutors are coached to identify a personal learning profile for their Peer, and to tailor their tutoring sessions based on this profile. This approach is grounded in evidence-based research on learning and peer-to-peer support in schools. Training is led by experienced educators, each with 25 or more years of experience. At each school, students are supported by a Coordinator who is responsible for the program at the school level.

After the completion of training, Tutors facilitate at least 15 one-on-one tutoring sessions with their assigned Peer, building confidence, problem-solving skills, and mentoring experience over the course of the program. Trainers offer ongoing support to Tutors in review sessions facilitated throughout the school year.

What People Are Saying

"One difference I think I have made was making the students feel like they belong." – Subeda, Grade 11 Tutor

“My Tutor is nice. She gives me good books to read. L2L is changing me by [making] me smarter and faster [at] reading. That makes me feel great.” – Vivienne, Grade 3 Peer

“I feel amazing when I see my Peers do really well academically because it shows that, not only did I help them, but they also feel good about themselves now; they have the confidence for themselves, that they can do well on their own” – Elena, Grade 12 Tutor

“I’m really happy being in this program to help others, because I was one of the newcomers that didn’t know English. We are all in that position, and we all can make a change for newcomers to learn English faster.” – Azim, Grade 8 Tutor

“When students are in this program, they realize someone cares about them. Somebody cares about them, and they care about that student’s learning. That contributes to student success … and is what L2L absolutely brings to the process.” – Patrick Keyes, Superintendent, Student Success, Toronto Catholic District School Board

What You Can Do

  1. Donate to L2L
  2. Start a campaign challenge for one or a group of L2L schools
  • Challenge your office community, your neighborhood community, your book club, your syndicate class group, your Facebook/Twitter/Linked in networks
  • Donate in lieu of sharing end of year gifts
  • Start an online challenge via Canada Helps - no donation is too small!
What you are supporting?

Investment in the L2L program will allow us to continue to provide the essential service we offer to existing schools in our network, and will support program growth into additional schools in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Donation impact

Your donation support students in reaching their goals in school and beyond through L2L's youth driven programming. L2L fosters leadership skills and provides free personalized support to students who need extra help in school. Thank you for your generous support. 


Hamid Khan
Program Manager
Charitable Number: 867961013RR0001


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