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Harmony Movement was founded with a mandate to promote harmony and equity in Canada. Our mission is to advocate equity, diversity and inclusion by educating and empowering youth to become leaders for social change. Our interactive and innovative programs confront prejudice and teach the value of embracing and respecting differences.

Our Impact Why We Exist

Annually, Harmony Movement facilitates over a hundred diversity and equity programs in school boards, community organizations and service providers throughout GTA and southwestern Ontario. We work closely with Toronto youth, especially in priority neighbourhoods, to spread the message of diversity and inclusion.

Harmony Movement works extensively with such Toronto-based community organizations and social services agencies as YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Peel Children's Aid Society, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, and Scarborough Arts as well as with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and the City of Toronto Community Crisis Response Program, to deliver and facilitate community workshops targeted at empowering youth.

Our Story What We Do

History of Organization

Harmony Movement was founded in 1994 to combat prejudices and discrimination and to confront the "us vs. them" attitude that was prevalent in Canada at that time.

Since then, Harmony Movement has pioneered the use of multimedia resources and interactive programming to engage youth for social change and prepare them to be the leaders of today!

In the past several years, Harmony Movement has continued to grow and expand its impact in innovative ways across Ontario. Every year we reach over 8,500 youth in schools and communities in the GTA and southwestern Ontario.

With funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education, we have been able to support student success by developing an educator's equity toolkit and training program for teachers to create safe and accepting school environments. We deliver more than 50 equity workshops for educators annually, from Thunder Bay to Thousand Islands.

Our Programs How We Do It


Social Changemakers Leadership Program, Workshops, Conferences & Keynotes                                                       

Our programs use games, multi-media activities, and group discussions to introduce participants to the principles of equity and inclusion.  Students will gain a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the diversity of their school and community; increase their awareness of prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and bullying; explore concepts of power and privilege; reflect on how the media can be used to either reproduce or challenge stereotypes and discrimination; as well as develop the knowledge, skills and a plan to promote safe and inclusive schools.


Educator Workshops, Professional Development & Train-the-Trainer                                                            

Our programming provides educators and community service providers with the opportunity to explore strategies for creating more equitable and inclusive environments. Through experiential learning activities and guided self-reflection, participants examine professional practices through an equity lens; learn more about how inequity manifests at systemic and individual levels; develop a greater understanding of the impact of bias and stereotypes; as well as address existing gaps in achievement and opportunity between different groups. 

What You Can Do

Activities a donation will support

Finanical investment will allow us to provide free or heavily-discounted programs to schools and/or community groups that have limited or no funding to provide innovative programs to young people, especially youth in under-served communities in the City of Toronto. 

Donation impact

With additional financial support, Harmony Movement will be able to provide a positive and lasting impact on youth and the communities they live and thrive in.  Youth who have received training from Harmony Movement often attain a greater sense of self and identity, a renewed sense of purpose and civic responsibility as well as positive validation of their character. Our programs frequently result in fuller participation in the community, including a greater awareness of social issues on a local, national and global level.


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Executive Director
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