Ecologos is a network of 2500 volunteers, advisors and supporters who produce and deliver transformative water experiences to nurture a more water-sustainable future. At Ecologos we promote a reverence for clean fresh water as essential to physical health, environmental security and spiritual well-being.

Transformative learning experiences for a sustainable futureOur Impact Why We Exist

To foster a spirit of reverence for water.
To inform about threats threats that imperil water.
To inspire citizen action to protect water.
Water ripples deeply in each of us. To stir that rippling is to awaken action.

By combining quality, high-impact documentary film screenings with hands-on, action-based programming Ecologos reconnects people with powerful water experiences from their own lives to motivate meaningful environmental actions. 

Best known for our annual Water Docs Film Festival, Ecologos has been delivering environmental education and action programs for 17 years, such as Water Hour, Water Docs @ School Action Projects, The Water Journey and Stop the Mega Quarry.

Connecting Citizens with Important Water Events in Their LivesOur Story What We Do

Founded as a non-profit organization in the Province of Ontario in 1998 and registred formally as a charity in 2000, Ecologos set out to establish what meaningful environmental actions were needed to protect Ontario waters and how Ecologos could more effectively motivate those actions.  

Through daily work and the careful analyses of results and outcomes from the past 17 years, Ecologos established documentary storytelling and experiential learning as the main ingredients of Ecologos programming.

From its base in Toronto, Ecologos launched the first annual Water Docs Film Festival in 2012 and now operates 9 charitable programs, including some that are province-wide in scope. 

The 2015 Water Docs Film Festival ran from March 20-28 at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  For more information visit:

Ecologos ProgramsOur Programs How We Do It

Ecologos is the Water Docs Film Festival & More!

  1. Water Docs Film Festival is the hub of all Water Docs programming with 9 days of high-impact films, animated discussion, community learning, and opportunities to take action.  The festival grows by leaps and bounds each March at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).
  2. The Intercultural Film Program recognizes that each community in Ontario’s rich cultural tapestry has its own history and sensibilities about water. Inspiring events in 2013 and 2014 aimed at Chinese, South Asian and francophone audiences have created momentum for program expansion.
  3. Water Docs @ School is an experiential 8-month action-based program designed in consultation with Learning for a Sustainable Future to meet the water learning objectives for grade 8 students established by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Classes implement a hands-on water protection project in their school and community, and make a film documenting their experience and learnings. The program is expanding from 20 classes in its first two years to 50 classes in the 2015/16 school year.
  4. The Water Journey is an inspiring community forum that deeply connects citizens with the experience of water in their lives to motivate actions for improved water stewardship in their own vicinity.
  5. Water Docs Art-Media Mashup Challenge showcases art and mixed media installations that express powerful water messages. It is evolving to become an annual competition attracting teams of young artists, designers and filmmakers.
  6. Pedal Power is a popular and interactive mobile installation that is available for festivals, street corners and events of all types. Hard pedalling of a bicycle draws water up a clear tube and into a glass, giving participants a real-time, kinesthetic experience of how much energy is consumed delivering water to our taps. Young people and adults alike are having fun with this experiential, hands-on demonstrative learning program.
  7. Water Docs North brings world-class, water-focussed documentaries for Northern Ontario Premieres.  The program is built on the hugely successful 2014 festival held in North Bay and Mattawa, Ontario, where Ecologos screened the Northern Ontario Premiere of Watermark, Canada’s Best Film of the Year according the Toronto Film Critics Association (2014).
  8. Water Docs Where-You-Live is driven by Water-Docs-In-A-Box, a package of resources and support services providing everything local groups need to organize their own Water Docs Film Festival.
  9. GOODcoins Campaign for Action rewards GOODcoins to participating homes and businesses that successfully reduce water use. GOODcoins are redeemable for a wide array of products and services listed with Zerofootprint’s online store.  Smart Water Meters currently being installed throughout Ontario track conservation metrics 

What You Can Do

The Water Docs International Film Festival

Activities a donation will support

Charitable donations and sponsorships allow Ecologos to extend the reach of our programming and to expand on the Water Docs Film Festival.  Festival sponsoroships provide for a greater number of films being screened, larger venues for screenings, and honoraria to filmmakers and other guest speakers to enhance the experience for our audiences.

Donation impact

Financial support to Ecologos increases our capacity to hire experts and helps raise the profile of Water Docs to make it one of the best and most important film festivals on the Toronto scene.  Increasing festival attendance draws more Torontonians from all sectors of our city and into awareness and actions that protect and conserve our precious water resources.


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Executive Director
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