Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre

Supporting our neighbours, especially those who face economic and/or social barriers, to enrich their lives and the life of our community.

A group of five DPNCHC clients and staff members lean against each otherOur Impact Why We Exist

At DPNCHC, we believe that all people have the right to the fundamental conditions that enable good health, including access to social supports, safe affordable housing, liveable incomes, nutritious food, a vibrant eco-system, and responsive institutions and community resources.

Our Story What We Do

For close to three decades, we have played an important role in the lives of people in Toronto’s west end. As a neighbourhood centre and a community health centre, we are able to support people at every stage of their lives, assisting them to stay healthy, develop leadership skills, make healthy lifestyle choices, build positive relationships and work together to improve living conditions and improve their prospects for the future.

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre is home to a range of ongoing services, including:

  1. Primary health care, health promotion, disease prevention, and mental health and addiction counselling programs
  2. Early childhood development & parenting programs
  3. School age programs, youth programs, leadership and pre-employment
  4. Settlement and adult literacy workshops
  5. Adult social clubs, harm reduction, crisis intervention and community dining
  6. Legal representation and referrals through Legal Aid Ontario

Our Programs How We Do It

All of our programs and services at DPNCHC are created in partnership with those we serve. Together, we're ensuring that our neighbourhood is one where people work together to foster respect and mutual support, celebrate diversity, bridge differences, and work collaboratively to create a safe, caring, just society.

Our Health Centre offers access to our dedicated team of physicians, nurse practitioners, counsellor/therapists, registered nurses, and a community dietician for regular medical care. We provide health promotion and disease prevention workshops and group counseling programs, we accept clients who do not have health cards, and we offer free medical care through our staff and referrals to outside medical specialists and lab services.

Our Ontario Early Years Centre offers a variety of early years and children’s services for parents/caregivers and children aged 0-6. We provide a range of comprehensive and coordinated programs such as early literacy, school readiness, community events, and health services to support children from the prenatal stage right through to their inclusion in full-day school programs.

Our Ready for School Connects (RfSC) is a school readiness program for families that are new to Canada. Two-week RfSC programs are held in different downtown schools from May until August. Participants receive Healthy Child Screening assessments to identify any concerns (i.e. hearing, vision, speech, and language), and receive follow-up assistance once they've started school.

Our Children and Youth Services department provides a wide variety of programs for school-aged children and youth (up to age 24) that offer opportunities to build skills, make friends, and access one-on-one support. From work experience placements for teens, to our hugely popular Summer and March Break camps; from weekly African drumming classes, to a safe space designed just for girls: there's a place for every youth at DPNCHC.

Our Adult Services department offers social and recreational activities, street outreach, harm reduction services, and crisis intervention and support for vulnerable and isolated adults. Those who want to improve their employment prospects can learn new skills from our reading, writing, math and computer instructors, while everyone can enjoy the nutritious meals served at our community dining program.

Our Seniors Services include multi-lingual programs that promote better health and wellness through social and recreational activities. We offer exercise classes, guest speakers, movie screenings, arts & crafts activities, informal ESL instruction, computer lessons, and much, much more.

Our Settlement Services assist newcomers to Canada through individual and group supports. Services include assistance with immigration processes, reunification of families, navigation of Canadian systems and information and referral.

Our Literacy Program works with adults and youth to improve literacy skills, increase employability and enhance independence and quality of life.

Our Volunteer Program offers opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the programs and services at DPNC. Newcomers gain Canadian work experience, adults improve English language skills, and EI or social assistance recipients get involved with their community.

What You Can Do

Community Child Minder Training

Activities a donation will support:

A donation would support new child minder training for up to 20 newcomers and women living with low income. Donations would also assist us to expand of the program to other centres and communities through a train the trainer model.

Donation impact:

An investment of $10,000 would allow us to offer two Community Child Minder Training programs for new participants, and or two Train the Trainer - Community Child Minder Training sessions for staff in agencies to facilitate the program and continue its expansion across Toronto.

A Community Child Minder training for women offers:

  • A 15 week workshop series
  • Volunteer/ student placements
  • An evaluation, graduation ceremony and follow up

An agency Community Child Minder training would include:

  • A one day facilitated training for up to 10 participants
  • Community Child Minder Training Toolkits/ resources

Ready for School Connects

Activities a donation will support

DPNCHC will be able to expand the Ready for School Connects program to new communities in Toronto with high newcomer populations, as well as provide staff training and resources to existing community agencies and schools delivering the RfSC program.

Donation impact

An investment of $10,000 would enable us to develop new partnerships in one priority newcomer community in Toronto to offer the Ready for School Connects program to 15 newcomer families which would include;

  • Parent workshops
  • School readiness program for 3 – 4 year olds
  • Follow up support once the children have started school and
  • A Healthy Child Screening.

An investment of $2.000 would provide a start-up kit that includes two days of staff training, the Staff Training Toolkit and RfSC program resources (i.e. classroom resources and children’s graduation packages).


Activities a donation will support

The Community Reporter project encourages active citizenship and empowers adults with low literacy. As Community Reporters they share their thoughts and experiences through written articles, stories and commentary posted on the Community Reporter Blog. Participants in the program improve their writing, reading, critical thinking, self-expression, and communication skills, as well as experience increased independence, empowerment and self-esteem as they access and participate in community resources and activities.

The project will serve 30 adults with low literacy.

Donation impact

An investment of $30,000 will enable us to continue to provide three sessions a week. Benefits will include:

  • Writing Skills:  Participants will learn to express their views and opinion through their written work, while improving writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. They will explore various styles of writing for media.
  • Research, Reading comprehension and critical analysis: Participants will learn to critically interpret information that they receive from media, library and internet resources, interviews, group discussions, and presentations.
  • Budgeting and time management: Participants will use math, time management, and creativity in the planning and budgeting of community activities.
  • Technology skills: Students will learn Word Processing and internet skills as they use computers to locate information and post their work on the Community Blog.
  • Active citizenship and communication skills: Participants will learn how to confidently and effectively express their opinions, concerns and stories with others. They will feel a sense of empowerment giving them the confidence to continue sharing thoughts, participating in community outings and committee meetings.
  • Knowledge of community resources: As community reporters, participants will acquire knowledge of available resources and share this information with members of the community.


Kim Fraser
Executive Director
Charitable Number: 123698904RR0001

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