Community Food Centres Canada

Community Food Centres Canada builds and supports vibrant food-focused organizations in low-income communities in Toronto and across the country that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all.

Our Impact Why We Exist

We live in a wealthy country, yet more than four million Canadians are food insecure, unsure of where their next meal is coming from, or missing meals so their kids can eat. We’re more aware than ever of how our food choices affect our health and the health of our planet, but many Canadians are unable to afford enough food for a healthy life. Nowhere is that more true than in Toronto, a city where 12.6% of residents are food insecure, and one in three kids live in poverty.

Increasingly, people living on low incomes do not have a place at the table, and that inequality has serious effects on people's physical and mental health, and on the fabric of our communities. We need to work together for change.

Our Story What We Do

Community Food Centres Canada strives to provide a coordinated response to the serious issues of food insecurity, poor health, and social isolation affecting many low-income communities in Toronto and across the country. This is how we do it.

Build and support

We provide stable funding, resources, and a proven approach to local partner organizations across Canada so they can launch responsive and impact-driven Community Food Centres. The Community Food Centre is a homegrown model that was developed in Toronto at The Stop, and has been a leader in building health, hope, and community in the Davenport West community and inspiring change across the country. There's now a second Community Food Centre in Toronto, the Regent Park Community Food Centre, and six more centres across Canada. 


We provide training, leadership, grants, and networking opportunities to a national network of Good Food Organizations engaged in community food security work across the country.


We convene like-minded actors in the food, health, farming, chef, and social impact sectors to work together for change.

Speak out

We speak out on issues and push for policies that can create positive changes in the health and well-being of Canadians.

Our Programs How We Do It

Community Food Centres

We work with partners to create dignified, respectful places that offer programs that increase access to healthy food, build food skills, and provide education and engagement opportunities for low-income community members. There are two Community Food Centres in Toronto, and six others across the country. 

Good Food Organizations

We support 90 Good Food Organizations, including 10 in Toronto, that are working from shared Good Food Principles to offer community food programs that build better skills and well-being.

Good Food Grants

We offer grants that fund organizations in the areas of capacity-building, child and youth food education, and healthy eating and exercise.

Knowledge Exchange

We develop webinars, manuals, training sessions, and an annual conference that build capacity among partner organizations and the wider sector.

Public Education & Policy

We empower community members with lived experience of poverty and food insecurity speak out about their experiences. Supported by research and program evaluation, these voices join together to raise awareness of issues and call for change.

What You Can Do

Building health and community through the power of food

Donation impact

A donation to Community Food Centres Canada can enable us to provide necessary program funding to our partner Community Food Centres in Toronto and across the country.

Programs include community meals and affordable produce markets that increase access to healthy foods in a dignified way; community kitchens and gardens that build skills and knowledge around choosing and preparing healthy foods; and education and engagement programs that empower low-income individuals to get involved in building more resilient communities.

A donation can also help fuel the good food movement we're building from coast to coast by increasing our ability to create learning and training opportunities for community organizations, and to share local program innovations with more than a hundred organizations in Toronto and across the country.

$25,000 > Funds healthy food purchases at a Community Food Centre for a year, enough for 15,000 community meals.

$10,000 > Funds the construction of an outdoor community garden. Harvested produce is split between community members and Community Food Centre programs.

$5,000 > Funds 10 local program coordinators to attend our annual Food Summit, which brings together 100+ organizations from across Toronto and Canada together to contribute program ideas, learn from each other, and increase the local impact of their food programs. 

$1,000 > Funds 10 children to attend a weekly after-school program.


We are building a movement that's pushing for access to healthy food for all Torontonians, and Canadians from coast to coast. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers to join us and help power our movement. Volunteer needs vary, and range from 'done-in-a-day event support'  to longer-term involvement. Please contact Sarah Hillyer at if you're interested in discussing opportunities. 


Show your support by attending one of our fun and delicious chef-driven fundraising events: 

Restaurants for Change, held on October 19, 2016 at amazing restaurants across Toronto and 12 cities across Canada.

- Chefs for Change, a dinner series held in downtown Toronto in January and February 2017


Sarah Hillyer
Manager, Major Gifts
416.531.8826 x225
Charitable Number: 833914484RR0001


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