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ACCES Employment assists job seekers from diverse backgrounds, who are facing barriers to employment, to integrate into the Canadian job market. We achieve this by providing employment services, linking employers to skilled people and building strong networks in collaboration with community partners.

Our Impact Why We Exist

From our experience, we know that immigrants to Canada face a consistently higher rate of unemployment. 11.2% of new Canadians are unemployed (who have been here fewer than five years) compared to 5.9% of Canadians overall (Statistics Canada, 2013). They are also significantly less likely to be working in their field. Only 24% of immigrants work in the profession for which they are trained, compared with 62% of Canadians overall (Statistics Canada, 2010).

Our programs and services have the ultimate goal of changing the reality of these statistics. As such, the work that we do is two-fold: finding jobs for our clients,and at the same time, ensuring that the jobs reflect their experience and field of work.

We make a difference in the lives of new Canadians by helping them to overcome challenges to achieve success and find jobs that maximize their experience and education. We help to ensure that talented new Canadians secure jobs with the right employers and are able to fully contribute to the growth and development of the Canadian economy.

ACCES Employment's unique Entrepreneurship Connections program supports newcomers to build a business in Canada. The program is intended for newcomers who have owned or operated a business outside of Canada and wish to transfer those skills to the Canadian small business environment.

From Toronto’s Vital Signs 2015 Report: "...unemployment remains a more likely prospect for recent immigrants. Toronto’s youth, particularly those in Canada less than five years, continue to face troubling long-term trends."

Our Vision

A fully inclusive labour force that reflects the diversity, skills and experience of Canada's population.

Our Mission

ACCES Employment assists job seekers from diverse backgrounds, who are facing barriers to employment, to integrate into the Canadian job market. We achieve this by providing employment services, linking employers to skilled people and building strong networks in collaboration with community partners.

Our Story What We Do

For over 25 years, we have provided programs and services to help job seekers prepare for the local job market. Preparation helps job seekers, especially new Canadians, to overcome barriers to employment.

Many newcomers face challenges with language, a lack of knowledge about their sector in Canada, the need for “Canadian experience” and adapting to the business communication style in Canada.  All of these barriers present challenges when new Canadians are looking for employment in their field of work.

Our story is about helping job seekers find “more than just a job.” We give them a future and the opportunity and support to find work that uses their full potential and experience – not just a survival job that pays the bills. At ACCES, we realize the value of meaningful work and jobs that offer individuals the opportunity to achieve success in their lives.

ACCES serves an increasingly diverse group of job seekers. ACCES’s specialized approach to serving newcomers and the unique barriers they face is highly effective in maximizing the skills andexperience of our job seekers. ACCES’s program model focuses on the following to ensure that our job seekers find employment that reflects their skills and expertise:

  • Customized job search assistance that supports each individual’s unique needs and experience
  • Sector-specific training to reflect Canadianemployer approaches and needs (not duplicating existing education)
  • Training on workplace communication and culture to address international differences in style and practice

SpeedMentoringOur Programs How We Do It

Our Core Program – Employment OntarioThrough our Employment Ontario program, we help job seekers to secure sustainable employment by providing a foundational set of services for our clients. These services include: resources and information, job search workshops, employment counseling, job development, job matching and placement. We customize our services to meet with needs of each unique job seekers.

Sector-Specific ProgramsWe have a series of sector-specific programs that help support internationally-trained professionals to find work in their field. We work closely with industry employers, academic partners and others to deliver programs that directly help newcomers to find work that reflects their experience and skills. We specialize in the following sectors:  Engineering, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain and Motive Power. We also have a specialized Leadership program that works with newcomers that have senior leadership experience.

Specialized program for Newcomer Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship Connections is designed for new Canadians who have owned or operated a business outside of Canada and are now interested in bringing their innovation and experience to Canada. The program helps newcomers to accelerate the start of their businesses by helping them with a business plan, learning legal regulations, and providing a mentor to help them succeed.

The professional knowledge and connections I made through the [Entrepreneurship Connections] program are invaluable assets for my future growth and success.” - Judy H. Chang, graduate of Entrepreneurship Connections

Specialized programs for Immigrant WomenOur START program supports immigrant women to enter the workforce in Canada.  The program specializes in training for Customer Care roles and includes certificates in Customer Care essentials, computer and office training and job search skills and coaching.  Graduates are placed in customer care roles at the end of the program.

Preparing for the Canadian WorkplaceACCES offers a series of programs that specialize in helping newcomers to learn about Canadian workplace culture and to refine their business communication and language skills. Language for Workplace Connections, and Talk English Café programs help newcomers to improve their English skills and prepare for work in Canada. Our Job Search Workshop program helps newcomers to research potential opportunities in Canada, reach out to employers and find jobs that will build their careers.

What You Can Do

Donate to the World of Difference Campaign: This year, our World of Difference fundraising campaign will allow us to provide customized employment services that will help Syrian refugees begin their new life in Canada. Working together with other community organizations and employers, we can ensure that Syrian refugees get the support that they need in terms of housing, healthcare, settlement and employment.

Click here to support Syrian refugees as they settle and find employment in our city. 

Contribute as a Mentor or Volunteer to Support Our Programs: ACCES Employment regularly engages the generous support of volunteers to provide professional and career support for our clients.

Mentor New Canadian Entrepreneurs with Starting their Own Business: Help make an impact on the success of a new immigrant’s start-up. We welcome mentors that can bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to our entrepreneurs. We are also looking for small business owners who have the valuable experience of starting their own business. See photos from the 2015 Speed Mentoring Marathon.

Volunteer as a Mentor for New Canadian Job Seekers: Help make an impact on a skilled immigrant's career path. Mentoring has proven to maximize the job search success of new Canadians. Mentors are welcome from any profession, industry or occupation. You can also inquire about organizing a group Speed Mentoring event with your work colleagues.

Share your Story and Advice with Immigrant Women Seeking Professional Advice and Support: The START program supports immigrant women with launching their careers in the customer care sector in Canada. Hearing stories from professional women is a wonderful way for program participants to realize their potential.


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