The Community Knowledge Centre (CKC) brings to life the work of community organizations by showcasing their unique stories –  in their own words - and engages residents in discovering the powerful impact they can make in supporting innovative solutions to some of our city's most pressing issues.

The CKC is at the core of what we’re about at the Toronto Foundation: connecting philanthropy with community needs and opportunity. It showcases solutions to some of our city’s most pressing issues, as reflected in Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report. It is a place where you can be inspired to imagine transformational change in our city, and where you can come to understand the community responses underway that are working towards making Toronto the best place to live, work, learn and grow.

For Toronto Foundation Fundholders, the Community Knowledge Centre is a tool to help you consider your philanthropy, providing you with innovative giving opportunities that help make our city a better place. Read more.

For members of the media, it is a resource to help you gain ideas for stories that speak about the issues in our city  and the community organizations that are transforming people’s lives.

For members of the public, it is a place to help you gain an understanding of the great work being done to help build our city, and to help you connect with and learn about organizations that are working in an issue area, neighbourhood, or age group that matters to you. You may choose to use this site as a resource to help guide your giving. More than anything, it is a place to help you become inspired by the many opportunities to make a difference in the quality of life of Torontonians. 

For community organizations, it is a place to help you tell your stories of change, impact, and community vitality. Learn more.

Who We Are

We're Toronto's Foundation.
Community vitality has been our purpose, promise, and passion since 1981, when we started connecting donors to community needs and opportunities. We help people invest in Toronto, making it the best place to live, work, learn and grow. We monitor the quality of life in our city, identifying its strengths and weaknesses through our Toronto’s Vital Signs® report. We provide the leadership and guidance to bring people together from all parts of our community. We exist for Toronto - for now and for always.


Our Report on the State of the City









The Foundation partners with many researchers to produce the Toronto’s Vital Signs® report. The Report identifies progress we should be proud of and challenges that need to be addressed. It is a consolidated snapshot of the trends and issues affecting the quality of life in our city and each of the interconnected issue areas is critical to the well-being of Toronto and its residents.

Toronto’s Vital Signs® aims to: inspire civic engagement, provide focus for public debate, and guide donors and stakeholders who want to direct their resources to areas of greatest need. Since the first Vital Signs publication was published by the Toronto Foundation in 2001, the Report has been adopted by 35 communities across Canada and by eight communities internationally across six countries and four continents.
Vital Toronto Celebration at Glenn Gould Studio 2013 "What Makes Toronto Vital?"